D e s c r i p t i o n

Perdana Canopy is devised with a high consideration of the context. The form of the roof emulates fluidity and organic nature of the lake and its surrounding greeneries. The structure seeks to provide shelter inconspicuously by mimicking lush tall trees while at the same time acting as a landmark with its space-transforming functionality and dominant placement. The invaluable natural reserve of Lake Garden will not be overshadowed by this new addition, it adopts camouflage quality by replicating trees to its basic component of trunks, branches and foliage. Physical contact with ground space is minimised to reduce obstruction of nature while allowing optimum use of the ground area by creating a flexible space that can hold various levels of events and are able to accommodate high volume of crowds. The freestanding free-form shelter is one of its kind in the world and is Malaysia’s first single-layered monocoque system structure.

The shelter is supported by funnel-shaped Reinforced Concrete columns derived from the mathematics of the roof form; a total of 5 columns in varying diametres support a roof canopy spanning across an area of 35,000 sqft. The roof is made up of triangular modules in a lattice-like arrangement with its stability defined by bending and curving of the lattice, this double curvature is how the structure derives its strength and allows for a wide span coverage. The covering is also designed to come in similar modulation sizes used for the structure, tinted in a hue that considers the green of the tree, while having transparency to allow sufficient light penetration to the space underneath.

The canopy is composed of 2,490 unique panels in four different types of treatment randomly alternating between perforated aluminium, solid aluminium, clear laminated glass and fritted clear laminated glass which introduces sufficient light penetration to the space underneath creating beautiful shadows. This roof will offer an excellent shading device to cater for events where the public will now have a chance to experience the natural environment of Taman Tasik Perdana in all weather conditions.

P r o f i l e

Kuala Lumpur

Completed 2014

PAM Awards Silver 2015

Special Project